The questions below are optional
If you complete this questionnaire, you will get some initial ideas on human rights and human rights defenders. This will support you to begin the learning package which follows.Please feel free to express your opinion.

1. Every person should have the right to freely express their beliefs or opinions.

2. Individuals should not be imprisoned for their beliefs.

3. The rights of minorities are just as important as the rights of majorities.

4. National interests are more important than civil liberties or rights of individuals.

5. Government and companies have no right to remove people off their land.

6. People of different ethnicities and religions should have equal rights and opportunities.

7. There should be true equality of men and women in my country/culture.

8. It is important to operate in a culture that respects human rights

9. The culture in which I operate should offer lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people the same rights and opportunities as all other people.

10. Same sex relationships should be legal.

11. The death penalty must be abolished all over the world.

12. Terrorists should be granted a fair trial.

13. The rights of refugees and immigrants should be protected in my country.